Hi my name is Mark Jensen owner of JENSEN MASONRY. I am a fourth generation brick mason taught by my father and have been in the trade since 1976. My company is fully insured with two million liability with workers comp, licensed and bonded in good standing. Over the years I have done many different aspects of this trade and along the way have learned many more including tile,concrete,electrical, and plumbing all of which I incorporate into the specialized work that I find my company's involvement in today. The men that work for Jensen Masonry and my self  believe in quality work and a clean work environment. They have been taught the way I prefer things to be done and we get no complaints from our customers that can not be easily taken care of. We are proficient with the installation of natural&cultured stone,brick,and block as our portfolio will show.
    My years in the trade allow me to be of help in the design process, I have seen or done just about everything involved with the masonry trade and stay up to date with current trends. I also attend seminars to keep up with codes and new techniques in my trade. I call this
                                            "FROM THOUGHT TO ACTION"